Monday, April 16, 2007

What I Packed For A Month In India

Essentials: Passport, Visa.

8 Tops:
1 long sleeve: Black long sleeved zip-up.
3 short sleeve: White, black, sea-green, grey.
5 sleeveless: White, black, black tube, pink, BBC tank.

3 Pants: Brown linen capri, black capri, lulemon black long yoga/travel pants.

5 prs socks: 3 pr lightweight wool socks, 2 cotton socks.
1 cotton boxer.
3 bras: black bandeau bra, taupe bra, black sports bra.

Yoga Clothes: Black top, black 3/4 yoga pants, black yoga skort.

Outerwear: Waterproof wind breaker, waterproof pants, micro fleece, floppy hat.

Shoes: Black flip-flops, hiking shoes.

Beachwear: 2 bathing suits, Juicy Couture Terry Tube Dress in Aqua, black beach cover-up skirt, sarong.

Electronics: Ipod, Ipod charger, digital camera, camera charger, camera usb cord for uploading pics, 1 international adapter.

Gear: Gregory Deva Backpack, Mini mag light, pocket knife, compass, waterproof backpack cover, Sigg .6 L water bottle, silk sleeping bag liner, sunglasses.

Toiletries. Too many.

Food: 10 assorted balance/cliff/luna bars.

Medicine: Malaria medicine, Ambien, 30 water purification tablets, basic first aid, etc.

Reading/Writing Material: Journal, Eat, Pray, Love, Lonely Planet India,

Finances: Waist belt, ATM card, Credit Card, Starwood Card.

...and some more stuff but I have to run to the airport! I plan to write at least every few days about my travels so stay tuned! Have a great month!


Starshine said...

Bon voyage, Buttercup!!!

wordnerd said...

Bon Voyage ma belle Buttercup! Profite des aventures!

gravelly said...

Take care, stay safe, and enjoy! You are loved by many! xoxoxo PS Please get us some great Christmas presents!!!!! (haha)

InterstellarLass said...

Have a fun, SAFE journey!

Gypsy said...

Fantastic! I hope you have a wonderful triP!

Candy Minx said...

How exciting I hpe you check in soon and let us know how your flight was, and how the food is , what is the tempurature everything!

And never have to look for happiness it is inside you!

Starrlight said...

India is one place I soooooooo want to visit. The fact that my ex husband has (on business mind you)only makes it worse! Take lots of pictures to share with us!

Karianne said...

Have a ton of fun BC! How exciting is this?