Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How To Eat A Mango

Mangoes are one of my most favorite fruits. I love them. They're delicious plain, with yogurt and granola (or amaranth), mixed into a smoothie, blended into a butternut squash-mango soup, or made into a mango Margarita. What other fruit tastes so delectable in such a wide variety of ways?

My only complaint regarding mangoes has been how to eat them without either getting sticky juices all over my hands while attempting to peel them, or stringy flesh caught between my teeth from trying to eat the fruit straight off of the seed.

Well, no longer my friends. At BBC, I discovered the perfect way to eat a mango. As pictured above, you slice off a large section of mango, leaving the skin attached. This method requires no peeling whatsoever. Then, you slice the fruit against its skin in a criss-cross pattern, being careful not to cut the skin, creating neat squares of bite-sized fruit. Voila! You are ready to eat the fruit using a spoon or your teeth. Perfect.

This is one of the many things I plan to teach my almost-nephew once he finally emerges from out of my little sister.

p.s. Bean sends her thanks for all of your well wishes.


Starshine said...

I love mangoes!!! YUMMY! Thanks for the tip. I can't stand the stringies!

Oh, I have got to try butternut squash-mango soup.

wordnerd said...

thanks for the Mango tip buddy!
It's Bean's big day today, right? GO BEAN!

wordnerd said...

Buttercup, Check out these two books'eat+a+mango''eat+a+mango'

I have them both at home...I think you'll like them, especially SARK's book, she's great!

Starshine said...

Go Bean! We're all here for you waiting to welcome the little one into the world!!!

Starshine's Esuitor said...

Omigosh...I practically count the days 'til mango season. I spend almost my entire life in tropcial Florida and didn't know what I was missing 'til I tried one a couple of years ago. Now I'm hooked. Have you bought a mango splitter yet?

Buttercup said...

Wordnerd - Thanks for the book ideas.

Starshine - I linked my soup recipe to the post.

eSuitor - I love how you're just not "eSuitor" but "Starshine's eSuitor"! What pray tell is a mango splitter? Clearly, I need one.

Prue said...

So you know how to eat a mango, but do you know how to pick a good mango? I'd sure like to know that.