Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Lovers

I did something totally awesome this weekend. After a year of fantasizing about buying a fold-up bike, I did it. I bought a Brompton - a top of the line folding bike - and it's hands down one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. It's just shy of a full-sized bike, but it folds down into a square about 20 inches in diameter . I took my new baby (I go back and forth between thinking of it as my new baby and my new lover) to church, shopping, and then to the movies today. Everywhere I went, the stares followed.

It's hard not to stare at a 20-inch square contraption that folds out into a regular sized bike in 20 seconds flat. It's also hard not to feel like a suped-up technological bad-ass while unfolding the bike, particularly after just watching "Iron Man" and dreaming about being a superhero far far away from corporate America. I'm just being honest. I may not be a superhero, but I have a freakin' awesome ride now.

Since "Iron Man" came up, let me just say a word about Mr. Robert Downey Jr. I love him. Love, love, love him. On a serious note, I am happy he appears to have gotten himself well enough to make a terrific movie. He makes a deliciously entertaining and inspiring superhero. On a less substantive note, the man is beautiful. Deep, dark, thick-lashed eyes, wide shoulders, smooth muscles all over his back, arms and chest - strength with a dash of vulnerability and humor. I also have an unabashed weakness for perfectly manicured goatees. Pirates, the dessert warrior from "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," Drummer, and my college boyfriend all played upon this weakness of mine. Sexy.

I could have watched him blow-torching together the parts of his "Iron Man" outfit for another two hours, easily. He's my new favorite superhero. He may even have unseated the Sayid-Jin-Sawyer triumvirate from their first place position in my fantasies. Nice work Mr. Downey Jr.

Getting back to real life, I'm planning to commute to work on my new baby tomorrow. I'm all geared-out, helmet and all. Green-house gases, boo-yah!


Starshine said...

Wow! I'm so excited about your new ride! Maybe you can show it to me later this month! :)

RD, Jr is one of my favorite American actors. He's a very talented man. Cute, too. ;)

Sparky Duck said...

A folding bike sounds dangerous, but for me, any bikes can be dangerous. And I am glad RD got himself something that will make him loads of money for years to come

Starshine said...

The Brompton looks so cool, and you're right...buying it WAS totally awesome! I just watched the video on the website of how it folds and unfolds. COOL!

tara said...

I have been thinking about purchasing a bicycle for years now and just not done it. I have taken your post here as a sign that the time has come. My husband and I are going to look tomorrow!