Sunday, September 30, 2007

Girl Friends & Eye Candy

I had a lovely weekend spending time with my girl friends, doing yoga, and practicing my Swedish. Saturday night, I got drinks with Lakshmi and another close girl friend of mine at a great lounge in the East Village called Angel's Share. The entrance is unmarked at street level; to get to the lounge you have to climb a flight of stairs and go through a tightly packed Japanese restaurant.

Angle's Share is cool because there's no standing room and they do not permit groups larger than 4. Strict rules that they vigorously enforce, but they're worth it because they makes for a very relaxing, intimate atmosphere. The lounge has delicious drinks, including the best sake I've ever tasted, which isn't saying that much because I really haven't sampled all that much sake. However, the one I had last night - a milky, floral sake - was delish. They also have ridiculously cute waiters ala the barbarian desert warrior, Lo, from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, who kidnaps Zhang Zi Yi and brings her back to his sultry love den in the desert. Remember this?

I have such a weakness for men with goatees. Sigh. Pirates, buccaneers, desert warriors, Spanish swordsmen. You would think a girl would run into at least one of them in New York amidst the hordes of lawyers, bankers, and other professionals.

Speaking of outrageously attractive, fall-to-the-floor-in-a-panting-quivering-mess, hot men, when does the next season of LOST begin?

Girl friends are awesome, but I still miss my boy friends.

I'm off to bed. Wish me luck that that shot of Sawyer makes its way into my dreams. Yow-za.


Stace said...

i think LOST starts in Feb

No Nonsense Girl said...

You have a weakness for men with goatees, I have one for men wearing a suit jacket with a tie.

I know I'm strange. I don't know why, I think men look sexy wearing a suit jacket and a tie. Not ALLof them, but I prefer that to many things.

I have never watched Lost. ::::ducks head in shame::::

Gypsy said...

I've given up on Lost, but I do miss Sawyer. Yum.

Starshine said...

Hi Buttercup,

Sorry I missed your call this weekend. I would love to catch up soon!

Glad your weekend was good. I think LOST begins in the new year.

Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

I love that your taste in men crosses national/racial lines.

My crushes/boyfriends have included WASPs, Latino, Russian, German. I also dated a guy who was a mix of black, white, and Native American. He was cute.

gravelly said...

"Lost" starts in January.

Buttercup said...

Thanks for the news on Lost. Why are they making us wait so long?

Anonymous: I've always been able to appreciate beautiful men from all different backgrounds. There's a lot of hotness out there. Why limit yourself to one type? ;)

Baraka said...

I can't wait for Lost to come out on DVD!!! (I am one season behind - waiting for Season 3 - as we don't have TV reception.)

Nice photos - if I look too closely will it break my fast? ;)