Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hostage In Legal La-La Land

I'm somewhere in the Midwest doing litigation training and I'm taking a quick break out of my mock-trial preparation to note that I would like the record to reflect that I would much prefer doing any of the following:

1) Riding my bike, with which I am still very much in love, all over New York. In fact, I'm going through withdrawal at the moment.

2) Pondering the existential crisis into which I threw myself after my retreat at the Chopra Center. The crisis being: What is my Dharma (i.e. "purpose and meaning" in life. Me thinks I must find it).

3) Meditating - I did not do my daily RPM today. Curse early morning flights! Or is it a lack of discipline, dedication, and organization I should be cursing.

4) Reading book 7 of the Anita Blake Vampire Chronicles. When last I left that marvelous world Jean Claude and Anita had kissed for the first time, after Jean Claude had taken a bubble bath just before "dying" at dawn. How hard could it be to find a human version of Jean Claude? Snap to it Universe!

The point, my friends, is that although this is a great training experience, and although I am grateful for it and will get as much out of it as possible - all caveats aside - I'd rather be doing something else at the moment.

If I only have one life, shouldn't I be spending as many minutes of it as possible doing something I want to be doing? Finding my Dharma. I can't even consider, however, these greater life questions because I have to go prep now. Duty calls.

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tara said...

I too am in the midst of a huge love affair with my bike. I go out in the rain, when it's cold, at times when I would normally be hard pressed to even take the dogs out to pee, I am out there on my bike. I think I might need a cycling rehab or something by this time next year.

I have been thinking and thinking of joining you in your meditation endeavor, but I have never been good at sitting still. I thought about it this morning and looked round the house only to find that I don't really feel like I have anywhere that isn't cluttered with stuff or emotional chaos in which to even attempt to be still. I guess I'm going to try to see if I can create a space, but I will likely just avoid it, to be honest.