Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vampire Book Obsession

I'm obsessed. I picked up "The Harlequin," by Laurell K. Hamilton, quite by accident a few days ago. The main character is Anite Blake, a vampire hunter, necromancer, and - by the time of "Harlequin" - a lover of vampires and wereleopards, wolves, and lions. Cool female character, humor, hot vampires, magical powers, and masses of sex. For obvious reasons, I tore through it.

It wasn't until I had finished it that I realized "The Harlequin" was the 15th or so book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novels and that there were 14 others that I had jumped over! I made a special trip to Barnes & Noble, couldn't find the first one, so settled on buying the second. I finished the second one and needed an immediate fix, so I went to a different Barnes and Noble and bought the first one. I read it last night, walking to work this morning on the sidewalks, on the subway, and in the elevator going up to my office. It was with extreme reluctance that I laid the book aside to begin my work.

When I was younger I read all of the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles and loved them, but until picking up the Harlequin I hadn't realized there was a whole genre of Sci-Fi/Fantasy that was Fantasy/Horror. Actually, I think it's quite unfair to put the Vampire Hunter novels in Horror. They're not "Horror" just because they have vampires sucking people's blood, rampaging zombies ripping people apart, or berserk ghouls... OK, maybe they are horror. I guess I like Fantasy/Horror Books (but not movies ala "The Saw"). Who knew?

Has anyone else discovered these awesome books? Other suggestions in the same genre?


biscotti baker said...

Oh boy! Anita Blake rocks! It became an obsession in our house as well! The frustration when the person, one book ahead of you reads half as slow as you do! Well I read yesterday, that there is another book about to be launched at the end of this month. Yoohoo!
Problem is, how long will we have to wait after reading that one.....

Willow said...

Glad you stumbled onto my addiction! I have been in love with LKH since picking up "Blue Moon" that's the first one I read of hers. Then I read them all out of sequence through the public library. It didn't matter--she is awesome!!

If you haven't read her Meredith Gentry series--that one is also good and very steamy!

I've actually got Harlequin waiting for me on my book shelf. Maybe this weekend:)

Starshine said...

I just auditioned for a play about vampires. It was a dark comedy that seemed like fun. I hope I get it! :)

Gypsy said...

I've been wanting to dig into these for a while now. Based on your review, I'll put the first couple on my list at the library. :)

Buttercup said...

Gypsy - I would have bet money on you reading these already. What are you waiting for? They're totally worth it.

Willow and Biscotti Baker - I'm so happy to have finally joined the club. :)

Starshine - I'm crossing my fingers for you.

Bubbles said...

Four Words:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

About a kajillion times better than Charmed.

jehara said...

have you read twilight? there are three books out and a fourth coming in august. twilight, new moon, eclipse by stephenie meyer. the fourth book is called dawn, i think. very good books.