Friday, March 16, 2007

Christmas In March

After a long time, the day I've been waiting for is here. It's my last day at my firm. After today, I will never ever have to go back to that dreaded place. It feels like Christmas. I'm happy, excited, and hopeful. I still have to finish cleaning out my office so I can't write more about the significance of all of this now, but I thought I'd share with you the dream I had last night. What do you make of it?

I'm in the kitchen of a large house situated on a hill next to a large scary wooded area. I'm standing around the center island talking with two of my girlfriends when we hear a noise outside. My friends think it's nothing, but I start running around checking all of the locks on the doors and windows. I'm terrified, but my friends don't fully understand why I'm scared.

Suddenly, men dressed as soldiers armed with long knives enter the kitchen. It's unclear if my friends can see them, but I can. They're ghosts or people from another time who have come out of the woods. They start threatening me and it's clear that they could kill all of us. I start screaming at the soldiers to go away and my friends look at me like I'm losing my marbles. I'm scared that the soldiers are going to hurt them or me. One of the soldiers pick up a bowl (and my friends are shocked to see the bowl appear to move through the air on its own) and another cuts the table with his knife, demonstrating that even if they are ghosts they can inflict wounds. Finally, they leave, and I think we're safe for the moment.

Later, my brother Frey arrives. I tell him to avoid the woods but of course he ignores my warnings. I'm outside and I look towards the woods and I see Frey going into them. Down ahead on the path that he's walking on, I see a pretty woman dressed in a nurse's outfit. She looks like she's in distress but I know she's just a trap. The soldiers are trying to lure him into the woods.

I start running towards the woods, and as I get closer I see that a group of soldiers are surrounding Frey. One of them has a bomb and is going to kill him, as other soldiers look on. They're confident and they don't notice me. Just outside the circle of men, I see Dragon Lady looking on, doing nothing to stop the soldiers. She's with them!

I think quickly, grab some candy, and run straight into the group of men and approach the soldier holding the bomb. I flirt madly, offer him candy, bite into a piece of candy seductively and then make him take a bite. The distraction works. While the men are looking at me, Frey gets free, somehow gets a weapon, and starts killing all of the attackers. He kills the soldiers and I think also Dragon Lady. It's over. I don't have to be afraid anymore.

After the battle, Frey and I are telling our friends what happened and I say that I saved his life. He immediately denies that I saved his life and says that he was the one who saved us. He says he would have been fine even if I hadn't created the distraction. I look at him and I know that he knows that I saved him and that he's grateful for what I did, and that's enough for me.

The End.


Prue said...

What a great dream. Mine hardly ever have clear beginnings and ends, and they usually involve at least one character from The O.C. (may it rest in peace).

Amateur dream analysis: DL's presence means the soldiers represent your old law firm and her. So because you won the battle, the dream means that your battle with your law firm and with DL is over - and you won!

Your friends' inability to see the soldiers might mean that even though they support you and love you, they never really could truly understand how horrible your job had become. But your friends' presence in the dream suggests that they helped you through it.

Your brother going into the woods and you ultimately saving both him and you from the soldiers might mean that he played a part both in getting you into your last job and in getting you out of it.

In a nutshell, though, my entirely untrained opinion is that your subconscious is telling you to let go and celebrate, because this incredibly difficult battle you've been fighting has come to a successful end.

Sister Sweden said...

I definitely think you should sell the idea, expensively of course, to Hollywood. Producing film, is that perhaps your next step?

Good for you, leaving a place you dread. You inspire me!

gravelly said...

Totally, Buttercup, write a novel and sell it to Hollywood! The big house and woods sounded VERY familiar, the soldiers even worked, but then DL made me LOL very loudly! I agree with the explanation Prue gave, hit the nail on the head! Go celebrate (but be safe!), travel, and enjoy life!! PS For the record I am in first place in our pool for MM, obviously, this may only last 30 minutes, but I wanted you to know. Have a great time tonight!!!! Big hugs!!!!

Starshine said...

I'm no expert, so here's my untrained interpretation:

The soldiers are a combo representation of your firm and the muggers who recently threatened you. Your subconscious is no doubt still processing those two negative situations that have been a part of your recent past. DL, clearly the driving force of all that bad energy, was the ring leader. I find it interesting that your brother was among the first who you called after the mugging, and he was the first to show up in your dream to offer you support. However, while Frey (and other friends and family) have been able to offer you support during this time in your life, it was Ms. Buttercup who had to make some big decisions to steer the course of your life. I think your friends who didn't believe you in your dream represent those in your life who didn't really "get it" when you told them about the mugging and your decision to jump ship from your firm. However, you made it! And even those who were skeptical have seen you arrive at a victorious place. I love the good vs. evil theme of your dream. I actually think that was a very true element of your reality these last months. I am thankful that good has prevailed! My prayers for you have been answered!

Sparky Duck said...

i say no more pepperoni pizza before bed

Buttercup said...

Thanks for the analysis! I think Starshine and Prue are right that my subconscious believes that a battle has been fought b/w good and evil and that good (me) has prevailed over the dreaded situation... That makes me happy to think about. It took me a while but I (with a good measure of support) did it!!

I also think Sparky might be on to something and will try to refrain from eating after 8'pm. :)

I wish I had a book idea, but alas! SS - You flatter me.

Gravelly - Last I heard, I was #1 in the March Madness bracket. Woo-hoo!!

Karianne said...

And a merry Christmas to you PP! You did it! (I'm singing the Dora song in my head for you)

Love, Karianne