Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bikini Shopping

I highly recommend that you go to a yoga class. Right now. Or, if not now, then as soon as practicable. I'm happy and a little proud to report that on my first Monday off of work I woke up, had a healthy breakfast of Kashi Go Lean Crunch and peach Activa yogurt, and then speed walked 14 blocks to make it to a Hatha Yoga class. Not a bad start to my two months of freedom, eh? (That "eh" was for my Canadian blogger friends).

Speaking of Canadians, I just found out that one of my friends in the city is Canadian. I met her for lunch today after my yoga class and learned that she was from Calgary. I knew there was a reason I had liked her immediately. She's a lactation specialist, interested in the subject in part because of its implications for women's rights, and she told me something I had never heard before about the birth process. Apparently, after a woman gives birth there is a huge rush of endorphins in the mother's body that helps erase the memories of the birthing pain and also helps with the mother-child bonding. I like the idea of Bean having a nice rush of positive post-birthing endorphins to look forward to.

Note the ticker at the top of the blog. We're down to about 2 weeks folks. Wow.

After lunch, I had a doctor's appointment to get some of the shots I'll need in preparation for my trip to India in April, and then headed over to Macy's to do some serious bathing suit shopping. It took a while but, remarkably, I had some success. I found two suits that though not fantastic are decent. One is by Esprit (blue with white polka dots on the bottom, and white with blue polka dots on the top) and the other is by O'neill (island flowers against a white background with black trim). Now I won't have to do bikini boot camp in the buff!

My words of wisdom to anyone bold enough to brave the swimsuit section are these: Eat light beforehand, do not get discouraged, bring a pocket mirror, go back to the floor for a second pass if at first you don't succeed, and remember at all times that it's not you, it's the dressing room lighting.


Gypsy said...

Oh, heavens. I haven't worn a bikini since 1998. Pea green with envy! :)

InterstellarLass said...

Ugh! The lighting in any retail store is horrible! AND, different manufactuerers have different cuts, and even among the same, they can cut sizes different based on styles. Blah! I can wear three different sizes depending on cut, maker and style.

I'm glad you found some cute suits! It's always a refreshing feeling to have new swim duds.

Starshine said...

That last paragraph is jam packed with so much wisdom, I think I should print it out and bring it with me the next time I feel crazy enough to try on suits! ;)


Karianne said...

Honey, your advice could go for so much more than shopping. I agree with starshine, you are so wise!

Karianne said...

PS. Since you now have a bit of a break, be sure to email me your book list for 2006! I'm so late getting the list out, but I"m hoping to have it done by this weekend. I'd love to see your recommendations.

gravelly said...

I bet your look gorgeous in your bikinis! Enjoy your two months of fun!

DAV said...

Bathing Suits: it is a good day to be a dude on that topic. However it's put up or shut up time when you go to European Beaches with their required attire of the speedo

Buttercup said...

Gypsy - I think of you as a sex kitten.

Lass - Ann Taylor lighting is the WORST. And you don't even try bathing suits on in there!

Starshine - That was pretty good advice, wasn't it? :)

Karianne - You're too sweet. Ok, I'm going to get you my book suggestions asap. On my current schedule, that's sometime tomorrow after yoga and coffee...

Gravelly - In the right lighting, everyone looks gorgeous, and let's not forget about my INNER beauty!

Dav - In the name of all that you hold sacred, please avoid speedos at all costs. The European men - so good at so many things - are sadly off base on the whole swim suit issue. And don't even get me started on the whole body hair with speedo issue. Ewh!