Friday, July 14, 2006

What's Bean Going On

Well, well. I am still alive in case you all were wondering. But my sister Buttercup has such a beautiful way with words, so I skipped out this past month or so. To catch you all up, for Father's Day my Daddy and my step-mom came out to visit. We had a great time together. Though I am turning 24 this next month, (I know Buttercup...I'm not 6 anymore I swear it!), it was the first time ever that my dad and step-mom have been passengers in MY VEHICLE and I did well. Once my family left our house, I worked worked worked.

I went camping in Wyoming with my hubby and 3 of his friends that I have known for 6 years now...I can't believe I have been with Tex for 6 years. It's wierd, and we have like 70 to go if we are lucky. Anyhow, Wyoming was awesome. I got some color, hung out with Hazard, drank some beers, and watched the boys fly fish. I was going to but decided to hang out with Hazard. Hazard had to be tied to the tree and not go in the water because while my dad and step-mom were out he got a gash pretty deep and had to have staples. (He's healed now...and he's been swimming since he's been allowed to). Tex made a funny comment while camping, because I bought all necessary ingredients to the camp and smore ingredients. He thought it was silly to bring smores. But guess what, when I broke out those bad boys, his friends were so happy for smores and hinted to bring them again and that they themselves would have to remember how much they love smores! I ROCK AT CAMPING!!!

Then we had the 4th of July. We went to the parade, drank a whole bunch of beer and had a blast with friends. Tex and I went home, took a 4 hour nap and woke up in time to see 3 different sets of fireworks from our deck. Then we illegally set off all of our fireworks that we had bootlegged in from Wyoming the weekend before. We had a blast. I got some more color but not too much because I don't want to get wrinkles and hurt my skin...70 more years with Tex.

Work is fine. I think some where in the past month I have had 50 thousand squabbles with my hubby, some lovin', kissed and hugged Hazard like he is my child 100 thousand times, and talked to my parents everyday. I have had a good past month. Now for my upcoming birthday I have convinced Tex to buy me another puppy. But there are circumstances, we are trying to get a lab from the same place that we got Hazard becasue he is so awesome. So we will see. I love puppies!!!! I may not be rich, but I know money couldn't buy how I feel. Though I want to kill Tex every other day, tell someone to go F' off at work every now and again, and sometimes, just start over; I am so fortunate for everyone and everything in my life! I hope that you are all as fortunate as me.


Gravelly said...

Your family, Bean, is very fortunate to have you! Enjoy your weekend!

Buttercup said...

Beaners!! You're back! Of course those boys loved your s'mores - who wouldn't! Btw, I was seriously bummed b/c in three days of grilling at Dad's we didn't roast marshmellows once. Can you believe that? Next time I'm coming prepared with my own marshmellows.

I haven't been camping in ages, but I've been talking with Raj about it. My only requirement is that there is running water in walking distance of the camp site.

Where's the no-smoking update?

Bubbles said...

I don't think it is technically considered "camping" without the s'mores. Next time you should try "cinnamon bears." You take that roll dough that comes in those long skinny cans and spiral it around a stick (you have to make sure to not do it to thick, cuz then it won't cook through). And cook it over the fire. Then roll it in butter and cinnamon and suger. They are to die for.

Buttercup said...

Bubbles, Those sound freakin' awesome. What a great camping idea.