Sunday, July 09, 2006

Italy Wins World Cup

I just spent a thoroughly enjoyable 3 hours watching Italy beat France. Go Italy!! It wasn't a trouncing but it was a solid win, and they deserved it, especially in light of Zidane's viscous head butt to one of the Italian player's chests. What was Zidane thinking? What an idiotic way to end his career! And the Italian player wasn't even touching him. He must have known that he was going to get red-carded and end up hurting France far more than he hurt the Italian player. I bet Zidane, if he is really as great as everyone appeared to think he was, apologizes to France, Italy, and all those involved in the World Cup for his behavior in the next couple of days.

As an aside, Raj and his brother keep talking about how Zidane is such a "good looking man." I just want to state for the record, that though Zidane might be rather striking in appearance, unless one is partial to hawks, I can not see how Zidane would be at the top of anyone's good looking list.

Speaking of which, it looks like this might have been David Beckham's last time at the World Cup as well. Sad, sad, sad. He will be sorely missed, although I'm sure Posh will be happy to have him home - safe and sound where she can keep an eye, or two, on him.

On the way over the Brass Monkey, where I had planned to watch the World Cup Final, after leaving the office, I calculated that if I live to the age of 101 I have only 17 more opportunities to watch the World Cup. Only 17 more! Naturally, I had to leave work and watch the final. The Meatpacking district was a zoo, so Raj and I watched the Final from the comfort of our couch. Now that it's over, I sadly have to return to my work. At least I can do it from home and don't have to do the miserable trek back to the office.

Take that Dragon Lady!! You did not ruin the World Cup for me. Hah!!!


Baraka said...

Erm, I had no idea who Zidane was before post-finals last Sunday but my, he is HOT!

Maybe not the top of my good-looking list but certainly rank-worthy :)

Buttercup said...

Well thank you Baraka! I was starting to think you all weren't interested in any eye candy. I did say he was striking... but in a kind of scary way. I guess that's b/c I have a certain fondness for pretty-boys. What can I say?