Friday, September 01, 2006

Her Hips Didn't Lie

I'm headed to Michigan for the weekend to spend some time with Raj's family and see a few of our friends. I'm a little nervous, but who isn't when it comes to their significant other's family?

One of the highlights of the weekend will be that I get to see WOOD tomorrow!! I can't wait to see her, Dutch and Juniper. It' s been way too long since I saw them last. Raj and I are planning to spend the afternoon with them and check out their new - furnitureless - digs. I'm so, excited!

I just finished packing while watching the MTV awards. As if I would miss this pinnacle of pop culture! Puh-lease. Shakira freaking rocks. Watching her I swore to myself for like the 100th time that I am going to sign up for belly dancing lessons, come hell or high water. Beyonce also rocked. I don't understand all these people bitching on the celebrity sites about her new album and criticizing her song, "Ring the Alarm." I think it's pretty cool, although I don't like the Basic Instinct references. I like Beyonce angry - who can look that gorgeous and angry at the same time? - and fiery, and the part in the song where she quiets down and gets sad is really beautiful. If you've been cheated on - or not - girls, listen to that song. Beyonce knows how to channel some fierceness.

Jessica Simpson looked and sounded ridiculous. She flubbed her lines, then made Homer Simpson "duh" sounds and said, "That was typical Jessica." No one laughed. I don't know whether to feel sorry for or... I'm not sure what the alternative would be.

I couldn't help but notice that Christina and Justin are still kicking ass just like they did in 2000, unlike one of their compatriots, Brit-Brit. It's no secret that Britney has flushed much of her life, looks, and good sense down the toilet during the last two years being with K-Fed. I wonder if she could ever come back to what she was? She dominated at the VMAs several years in a row, but these year, obviously, no Brit-Brit, except to present an award from some dressing room not in New York. If she gets her shit together, I'll root for her. She'll for sure be the underdog by that time.

LOVED the treadmill performance. I had seen it on u-tube, but seeing it live was even more impressive. They definitely get points for originality, not throwing gratuitous shots of half naked women in their video, and for their minimal props. I like 'em.

Ok, I'm off to bed. Raj is still at work, billing a gazillion hours. He's been working very hard lately. Hopefully he comes home soon and can pack. Waking up at 6 tomorrow is not going to be pretty.

And then flying with NO lotions or lipgloss! Can we say super annoying?


JerseyTjej said...

Thanks for leaving the link! LOVING this purple blog!! I wish I could change backgrounds...alas I am not savy enough...I miss home ( NJ) Thanks for the eval of the VMA's as you know under the rock, we may see it after a year or so...Ha det så bra!
Have a great trip and bill some hours for me!

Tracy said...

Okay, the Blogosphere is one small world! Dooce had a picture of Juniper on her blog yesterday, and I was like, "Hey...that's Buttercup's friend!" Less than six degrees of separation in the blogging world! Have a good weekend, Buttercup!

Kammie K. said...


Big round of high 5's coming all the way from the STL. I laughed out loud at your play-by-play of the VMA's!

I was having dinner at a friends and kept running in the living room to catch this or that, and saw the same performances you mentioned. JT ROCKS the house! Beyonce IS too hot...Jess is such a mess, poor thing, and Shakira's body IS ridiculous!

I too was like, "I gotta take those belly dancing lessons"...she's just from another planet with those hips:) Have fun with the in-laws.

Kammie K.

JerseyTjej said...

Why couldn't my parents marry interculturally? My hips lie like...well, we won't go there! Hope you had a great time and LOVE the notice calendar!

Buttercup said...

Jerseytjej - You are so sweet! Thank you! At least Sweden has more channels now. When I was living there (when I was six) we only had three channels. Tom and Jerry was the only cartoon I saw for years!

Tracy - I can't believe Wood and Dutch met blogging royalty! They're cool like that.

Kammie K - I think Shakira really did it this time; 5 days later and I'm still planning on following up on the belly dancing. I'll keep you posted.

InterstellarLass said...

OK, I'll give you that Shakira is amazing in the way that she can move her amazing body. But Beyonce...I can just never like her. I don't know why.

Brit looks greasy and nasty. K-Fed has definitely rubbed off on her in a bad way.

Buttercup said...

Interstellar Lass - I'm with you in having a preference for Shakira over Beyonce, but I think they both put on an excellent show at the MVAs. Brit is hopeless, but she looked kind of cute the other day... perhaps she can turn it around?