Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Period Weirdness

Usually I get my period every 22 or 23 days as part of a 28-day cycle that includes one week of bleeding and three weeks off. The week of bleeding is not normally 7 full days; it's more like 5.

This month, strange things are happening. I got my period in the first week of December, and then about a week later I got it again. Two full periods in the span of 3 weeks - very strange. Then, this past week, I didn't bleed, but woke up this morning to find more blood. If this morning's bleeding turns into a period, that's going to be three full-blown periods in the span of about 5 weeks.

It's really strange and I don't know what to make of it. This in conjunction with the spot and the weirdness on my head (which I will not go into now) is making me think something is amiss. What's going on body? Too much sexual attraction of late? Involuntary purging? The affect of beginning to take a multi-vitamin? I'm at a loss.


Starshine said...

I hope it all comes back into a good equilibrium again soon. Our bodies/health seem to exist in such a delicate balance. I hardly ever think about it until something goes awry or I become sick.

On a lighter note, I'm glad you're blogging regularly again. I've missed you!!!

Happy New Year!

wordnerd said...

I missed you too buddy! Good to hear from you regularly again!

I've had ups and downs like that before with my period...and honestly, I never did find the source of the problem....once i had my period for 5 weeks....and no one could tell me why...then magically one day it disappeared....and came back exactly 28 days later...weirdness!

I hope your body finds its natural rhythm again very soon.

Happy New Year...I wish nothing but good things for you BC in 2008 and beyond.

Buttercup said...

Ah, Wordnerd and Starshine (and Gypsy and everyone else), I've missed you guys too. How nice to be missed and to be chatting with you again. xoxo

hb said...

uh oh. are you pregnant?

i also got my period twice in a month. maybe it has to do with hormones and attraction. it also coincided with a new relationship with a new guy. and no, i'm not pregnant. ;P

Buttercup said...

HB, Sweetheart, that's not the kind of random comment you just throw out there into the ether... Judging by the amount of blood that has washed out of me during the past 5 weeks, I'd have to wager no.