Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Don't Be Scared

I'm deliciously happy today. Thanks to Global Warming, New York is a gorgeous 70 degrees and sunny today, and I'm reveling in it. It's so funny how little changes in the weather can have such a profound affect on one's mood.

I went out last night and saw "I Am Legend" with Will Smith. Overall, I really liked it. A lot of the movie focuses on how Smith's character manages to live on his own in Manhattan after all of the other humans have been annihilated by mutated, hyper-aggressive zombie-humans - the products of a genetically-engineered cure for cancer gone catastrophically wrong. Smith's character recreates human relationships with his dog, Samantha, and the mannequins positioned in an empty record store. He uses an almanac to chart meticulously the time the sun will set each day, listens to his Ipod, somehow has electrical power in his house though ConEdison has long since disappeared, watches Shrek and re-runs of the Today Show, and insists that Samantha eats her vegetables, all the while hunting the zombies in an effort to find a cure that will reverse the effects of the mutation and save humankind.

The parts with the zombies were tense and scary, causing me to bury my head into the shoulder of my obliging date, who whispered softly, "Don't be scared." As a general matter, I'm not good with scary movies; I have a very vivid imagination and find it difficult to suspend disbelief when faced with terrorizing monsters or serial killers lurking in the dark. And, unfortunately, my inability to suspend disbelief often stays with me long after the movie has ended, causing me to check under the bed, in the shower, and behind the clothes in the closet before gingerly crawling in to bed, listening in the darkness for the faintest hint of movement somewhere in the house - the tell-tale sign of something disastrous about to occur.

But, today, it's warm and sunny outside, life is good, and I'm so happy at the moment that the idea of zombies attacking is quite unthinkable.


Willow said...

Glad the weather has you smiling also:) I know I am thoroughly enjoying our mid-january thaw. At lunch it was 63 degrees out--woohoo!!

So hard to believe that a few days ago it was like almost 20 degrees below zero here. Brrrr.

I keep thinking that perhaps today should have been a "sick day." Then after returning from work I did a little *cough cough*. LOL! You know, I had to make my co-workers crack a smile. I don't know though--I may really be coming down with a fever--don't think I'll be able to work tomorrow. hehee

Starshine said...

That is just exactly why I can't bring myself to see scary movies. I buy into the fear WAY too much!

Glad you're enjoying a warm sunny day!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

We went to see this movie, and my husband loved it, though my daughter got freaked out, and she and I left, and snuck into the last 1/2 hour of Enchanted. Whew, what a relief!