Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hot Chocolate Havens

One of the NYE parties that I went to was catered by the City Bakery, located in Chelsea. There was a delectable spread of pretzel croissants, caramelized french toast bites (with toothpicks - how cute!), empenadas, sugar cookies, homemade giant marshmallows, boxes of chocolate, and much more. Sage was in love with the french toast bites, and naturally I had to keep her company by sampling them as well. They were almost as good as the caramelized Belgian waffle I had in London.

The homemade marshmallows were so good, I vowed, on the spot, to sample the City Bakery's hot chocolate at the earliest opportunity. Apparently, the hot chocolate, topped off with their signature homemade marshmallows, is out of this world. Speaking of hot chocolate, I heard from a colleague today that Petit Abeille is supposed to have amazing hot chocolate. Also on my list is Max Brenner, recommended by the Italian Man.

Why this current hot chocolate craving? Possibly, because of the semi-perma-period I've been experiencing of late, but more probably because temperatures in New York dropped precipitously a few days ago. Walking to work the past two mornings, I was chilled to the bone, freezing winds piercing my down coat as if it was a thin layer of Kleenex. I think a warm cup of hot chocolate would be just the thing to drive away the Arctic chill. At least temporarily.


Starshine said...

Yum! Stay warm and enjoy the cocoa!!!

jehara said...

i love hot chocolate when it is bitterly cold. i wish i could try those homemade marshmallows!