Friday, October 12, 2007

Too Many Tinis

Oh my good lord, I am so hungover today. I blame all my new work friends, who I absolutely love. We went out in Soho to a bunch of places; four, to be exact. Four bars on a Thursday! My saving grace was that I only had seltzer and lime in the last place and declined the bud light and the tequila shot. Now that could have been ugly.

Today's going to be a busy day, followed by a fun night with the BBC girls - we're trying to plan another yoga infused trip. Speaking of "infused" just made me think of all the cocktails I had last night. There was the "Rhubarbarina," the "Black Crow," and the "Bluetini." Along with wine...

I'm fairly worthless at the moment, but I'm off to work. Happy Friday!


Starshine said...

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw discovered that overnight the appletini had become Manhattan's new drink, and suddenly the cosmopolitan was SO yesterday?

Enjoy some coffee and have a good weekend, my friend! Can't wait to catch up!

BTW, I'm so glad that you enjoy your new coworkers so much. She Who Must Not Be Named is just a distant memory!

Buttercup said...

Down with Dragon Lady!!!

Candy Minx said...

One word. Ibuprophen.

Takes the edge off.

So glad to hear you love your co-workers and extra special you're off work today! Nice.

I'm in San Antonio...been filming a documentary for past five weeks lots of interviews...met some greatfolks. But that's why I've been AWOL.

Um, "goofy girl" fixed up my blog and my should be able to find her on my blog...or on the Thursday Thirteen lists...check her out, resonably priced too...

Hey have a great weekend!