Friday, October 19, 2007

Dill Pickles

What's the deal with Dill Pickles having zero calories? How is it possible that cucumbers and vinegar have ZERO calories? Are they bad for you? Good for you?

On binge eating, I was talking with my friend today and she said that she doesn't keep food in the house in order to not binge eat. I asked her, "No food? None whatsoever?" It seemed somewhat radical to me, but also elegant in its simplicity. It's true that if there was no food in the house, you wouldn't binge eat because it would be impossible to do so.

Maybe I've been looking at this eating issue from the completely wrong perspective. I've been asking myself questions like "Why am I doing this?," and "What can I binge on that is not unhealthy?" I pretty much know the answer to the first question, and asking the second question basically makes me an enabler.


Bubbles said...

well, neither cucumbers nor vineger have any calories either-- so no calories when you combine them. the problem is that pickles are high in salt content-- so they can make your eyes all puffy.

the no food in the house sounds like a good plan-- but it means you have to go outside your house to get food-- thus tempting you to go to the pizza joint on the corner instead of eating something healthy. better plan is to keep only very healthy food in the house, and at least know you are binging on good food.

InterstellarLass said...

Well, keeping food out of the house would really make you evaluate how hungry you are. Most raw vegetables have very few to negligible calories per serving.

Miss S said...

vegetables don't count. and pickles are, in essence, vegetables.
there. im an enabler, too.

Starrlight said...

They may be zero calories but the sodium content is going to make you swell like a ballon! Mom and I did that once with pickles and greek olives. Couldn't take my rings off for a week!

wordnerd said...

the least amount of unhealthy food in the house is a good bet....

as for about buying a couple of popsicle trays...then making some low-cal juice...or making some juice with Splenda, etc...and then making popsicles.

Eating 5-6 low-cal popsicles..makes you FEEL like you are being indulgent...because you're eating (and they're good)...but really, it's just juice.

Aside from that....I've got nothing!