Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Killa" and Rabbit

I'm not quite sure what to blog about right now. Well, I realize through this blog, that much of my entertainment comes from Tex and Hazard...but with laughter and good entertainment also comes (sometimes) not so funny and pretty raunchy stuff to deal with. Now I know that with animals comes responsibilities, but when the temperature hits the lower teens, actually "walking a dog" also leaves my mind. I figure...screw it...the dog is going out and he can freeze by himself. Though we have two other pets, and Hazard is friendly with them, I guess he is just friendly so he doesn't get in trouble.

We have many animals that roam the property...deer, badgers, rabbits, birds, etc. Now how in the hell Hazard got close to a bunny I have no idea, they are fast little creatures. But Hazard got a hold of it and like a toy, shook it and played with it to death. That is correct, "To death" is not just figuratively speaking, I have a "Killa" on my hand. He ripped that bunny rabbit apart. Though I have a killer on my hands, there is another issue at hand. Sorry Buttercup, I know it is really repulsive, but here's the serious issue. Imagine...this cute puppy dog coming up to you after the fact and licking your face or hands prior to you realizing what he had just done... I felt like I should wash my face, then put a mask on my face to suck out anything I may have missed, and then wash my face again. What a cute damn puppy dog, but what a pain in the ass.

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Buttercup said...

How did you know that Hazard is the one who "ripped" the bunny apart? Did you actually findt he bunny ripped apart, or did he come up to you carrying the bunny in his jaws? I take it it wasn't the latter b/c I'm sure you would not have allowed him to lick your face if he had bunny guts hanging out of his mouth, so how do you know? Maybe it was one of the bears? And yes, you absolutely need a face mask. Me personally do not like dogs licking my face precisely for this reason. You never know where their noses and tongues have been. And often it's been in their crotches, or in their bodily wastes, or in this case, in a poor little bunny rabbit. And Hazard seemed so gentle!