Friday, February 24, 2006

Problem # 1: A Smooth Resignation

This is what it's like to have my job, I have a "space in the office" but no real private space and really no paper work to deal with. As well, I have bosses who tell me things 20 times over and over again. It starts to annoy the hell out of me after a while.Last night, by the time I got home, a migraine came over me like a tidal wave. I could feel the throbbing pain piercing my head. Instead of forcing myself to stay active and try to beat it, I laid on the couch and passed out. Gratefully Tex carried me to bed and didn't wake me. As I woke today, my head was still pounding...reason...handing in my resignation for a job. One word: Anxiety.

First and foremost, I know, some people can hand in a resignation with no problem, some people don't even give notice; they just stop showing up. Me...I can feel my belly hollow out as the stiffness and pain in my neck intesifies balling up into thousands little knots. My legs and arms start to feel numbness and begin to tingle while my mouth fills with saliva. Though, all these physiological issues came up, after 4 attempts to go near the manger, consumption of tylenol, and a large cup of cheap coffee from Maverik, I SUCCEEDED. I walked in to the office, and said "Here is my letter of resignation". That is about it. I handed over my letter and said this isn't working out for me. She appreciated the fact that I am taking a stance in my life and looking out for my future by resigning. WHAT A FREAKING RELIEF...suddenly my headache subsided and the tightness stuck in my body just floated away. I wanted to celebrate and go out right away to have a beer and play some pool. Two hours later, I am still stuck at this desk that I have grown to despise although, now there is a deadline, next friday I will never have to be at this desk again. I will be rid of corporate policy and this desk where I usually (always) find things to spend money on when in actuality I don't have money to spend and I really don't need what I am buying in the first place. Yes, this is the life of me, Bean, a multitasker with no specific qualifications to meet a job description and an addict to spend money even though I don't have it. Sweet! I quit my job, I'm still breathing, and I'm still broke!


Buttercup said...

You go girl!! On to bigger and better things.

Wood said...

Congrats, bean. sounds like the job was just one big headache.