Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 21

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Thirteen Things I Need To Do Before December 24th

1) Work. Draft a response to a counter-claim in an insurance case. Kill me now. I have 6.5 hours before I have to get out of here. Wish me luck.

2) Pop by the knitting store, Gotta Knit!, after work so that I can figure out how to finish my scarves before I wrap them up as gifts.

3) Pick up party supplies. I need to buy a bottle of wine and some goat cheese from the market in Grand Central for my friend Em's holiday dinner party tonight. She's making stuffed shells based on an old family recipe and cooking for 16!

4) Arrive at Em's on time come hell, high water, or a 6 pm call from the partner on my insurance case.

5) Par-tay. There's going to be a great group of people at Em's tonight, along with a healthy supply of drinks, food, and good music. I'm ready to kick off the holiday celebrations, and if I do say so myself, I look pretty damn fine today.

6) After Em's, I'm stopping by another party down in the village for a friend who's coming back into town. That should also be fun, but I can't stay out too, too late because of #7.

7) Pack. I have an early flight tomorrow morning out of Laguardia to Houston, where I'll be spending the holidays with my family.

8) Pack. Yes, it's on here twice. I have a lot of packing to do, and at this rate it will all probably happen in the wee hours of the morning. Not that there's anything unusual about that.

9)Arrive at the airport on time (are you getting the sense that I'm a little stressed about the timing of all of this?). I've never taken a cab from the UES so I'm slightly nervous, but I'm sure it will go fine. It's New York after all, and there are cabs everywhere.

10) Celebrate my b-day! Tomorrow, December 22, I turn, eh hem, 32. Ok, technically, celebrating my birthday is not something I have to do, but it's something I'm going to do because, hello, it's my birthday! I'll spend most of it flying, as I do most years, but then I'll arrive in TX, relax, and do something celebratory with my Mom that evening. Since 40 is the new 20, I guess I'm turning 16 tomorrow. Yeah! Now if only I had a car.

11) Finish my Christmas shopping. In light of the fact that I started my Christmas shopping on Saturday, I'm in excellent shape. However, I still have a few things I need to pick up.

12) Wrap all of my presents. It's become a tradition of sorts that I spend part of the 23rd or 24th wrapping presents, usually assisted by Bean, with Bacchus acting crazy in the background, and all of us listening to our latest music mixes. Last year there was a lot of rap; this year, I'm expecting electronica. It's something I look forward to every year because I get solid one-on-one QT with them.

13) Finish my freakin' hours. God, I hate billables.

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K T Cat said...

What a party girl! Man, you and Kukka Maria ought to hook up!


Anonymous said...

Great list and I love your blog! I linked ya =)

Anonymous said...

I like your list, but I like your teeshirt more. teehee. *buys*

I've linked you as well.

Buttercup said...

KT Cat - Thanks for the link to Kukka Maria!

Julie and Starrlight - Awesome. I'll add you guys to my links as well (as soon as I get through this to-do list!!).

Anonymous said...

Ugh, have fun getting to the airport on's hard to estimate how early to get to the airport these days wiht all of the security stuff. Have fun wiht your family and happy birthday.

My 13 are up and my blog technical difficulties are over! Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow! That was the day I was due but I arrived 12 days early.

Have a good Christmas and I hope you have a much happier 2007!

Anonymous said...

You sound like me with the panic packing and traveling. ;) I hate flying from the East Coast to Texas -- the closest I can fly to see my family in NM is El Paso.

But hey, at least you gain two hours on your birthday, right?

Happy birthday and have a safe trip! Enjoy your family!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday friend!

May the next year bring you happiness, health and fulfillment.

I'm angling on something work-wise to bring me to Manhattan so we can hit the town together.

Take care of yourself during the holiday season.

Anonymous said...

We're the same age! I just turned 32 too! Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Have fun tonight. Stuffed shells are yummy. And I love goat cheese. mmmmm good!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who caught the "Wrapping to Rap" reference? I guess I'm just nerdy enough to appreciate puns.

I wish I were allowed outside the house--I'd travel to NYC to partake in the festivities! Can cats catch cabs easily?

Can cats catch cabs...alliteration. I am totally a nerd!

Thanks for stopping by my TT! Happy TT and Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

are you wearing your shirt to the parties? If so: awesome.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
Sounds like you're going to be very busy.
Wishing you a safe trip, and a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Good cheer and Good luck! Hope that your holidays are restful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Buttercup!

Sounds like you are more or less organized good...while listening to electronica and wrapping gifts, don't forget a nice glass of'll wonder what all the bs with ol whatshisname and ol whats hername DL...was all about come Christmas morning!

Have a great flight, hope its a fun movie...and a wonderful holiday. It's been terrific to meet you online and follow your adventures. All the best for you and your family, and a happy NEW YEAR!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my Sunflower and supporting me! Have a nice week!


alisonwonderland said...

Good luck. Travel Safe. Happy Birthday. Merry Christmas. Enjoy it all!

Anonymous said... made me tired from reading all you still need to do.

Hope it all works out fine for you.

Anonymous said...

I love finding fellow knitters! I still have a hat to finish and I'm done with my knitted gifts! Woohoo!

Have a Happy Happy Birthday and a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

i followed u here f/ caryl's blog. great blog! i've just tagged u.

Anonymous said...

wow, your getting so many tags!

Ill lite a candle and for you for luck since your traveling on Christmas! Through Laguardia!! to Houston Texas!! Ok, maybe a few candles

Anonymous said...

Im can knit!

BTW< happy birthday. Sorry Im so late in visiting..MIne is still up somewhere