Friday, December 15, 2006

Six Eclectic Things About B&B

We've been tagged bySparky Duck, the Philly Transplant. The rules: You list 6 weird/eclectic things about you, and then tag 6 other people to do the meme. Don't forget to leave a comment on their blogs letting them know that they have been tagged! Bean and I decided to mix things up a bit, and came up with 3 eclectic things about the other person. Here are the results:

3 Things About Buttercup (By Bean):

1) Buttercup went through a punk phase post-college where she pierced multiple body parts including her eyebrow, tongue, nose, and lip. She thought she looked "sparkly." During the same period of time, she dyed her hair frequently. One time, she decided that she was going to dye her hair a dark purple and mine a strawberry-blonde. Her hair came out a dark, almost black purple, and mine came out a bright red. My mom flipped out and dragged me to the salon to get it fixed. Buttercup refused to "fix" her hair.

2) Even though Buttercup is a huge feminist, she loves shows like America's Next Top Model. I don't understand how a feminist can love a show about all those skinny girls obsessed with their physical appearances whose greatest ambitions in life are to become a model. But, Buttercup loves it. She also thinks men should pay on "dates" and does not believe in "going Dutch."

3) Buttercup reads tons of fantasy and sci-fi books, and loves shows like "Charmed," about witches, wizards, and dragons. She also genuinely wishes that she had magical powers. When she was younger, whe was convinced that she did have magical powers, and that in order to access them she had to focus on unlocking the 90% of her brain that Einstein says we don't use. She would sometimes "practice" trying to unlock her powers by attempting to cause things to move with the force of her will. As far as I know, she has not yet been successful in unlocking her magical powers.

3 Things About Bean (By Buttercup):

1) Bean does this weird things where she sidles up close to me, as if to hug me, and then, while she's gently clinging to my body, starts tickling me. It's really weird and very hard to describe, and it drives me insane because I'm very ticklish. If she attempted to tickle me forcefully, I could deal with that. But the way she kind of attaches to me, it's very difficult to combat.

2) Bean loves whole milk and she drinks at least a glass of it each day. Gross! The super weird thing about this is that she drank whole milk before she got pregnant, and is not just doing it because of the pregnancy. She drinks whole milk straight, with no chocolate mixed in. To me, that would be the equivalent of sucking on a cow's udder, something I don't fancy doing anytime soon. But, she loves it.

3) After finding out that she was pregnant, Bean decided that it was a perfect time to get a second dog. I don't know if that fits into the weird or stark-raving-mad category, but it's definitely odd. She swears that it made perfect logical sense because by bringing in a new puppy into the family she was making sure that her other dog would not get lonely once the baby arrived. That kind of makes sense, but for someone who can not imagine taking care of one dog, let alone a dog and a baby, the idea of adding another dependent creature into the mix seems just a tad crazy.

The following people should consider themselves tagged: Heather, Starshine, Lass, Gypsy, Artemis, and Baraka. We're looking forward to reading your posts!


Baraka said...

Yay - I loooove tags :)

Anonymous said...

I loved reading what you thing is "eclectic" about each other. Very fun sister relationship!

I got off easy on this one, because I've done it already! Here's the link to my "Six Weird Things about Me".

Anonymous said...

HA HA! Hilarious! I love Beans #3 fact about Buttercup. I've actually tried to do this myself. It's hard to concentrate hard enough and not get a headache.

Thanks for the tag! This will be my post on Monday.

Buttercup said...

Baraka - Yay! I look forward to your post.

Starshine - I just checked out yours. Wrestling, really??

Lass - That is sooo cool that you've tried that too. I like you even better now. :)

Anonymous said...

Great list! I love how you guys did it. Very sisterly.

The punk thing was a shocker to me!

I'm tagged! Shouldn't be difficult to for me to think up 6 more weird things about myself, should it?

Buttercup said...

Gypsy - We almost didn't tag you precisely b/c we thought we already knew several eclectic things about you. But then we thought that you might come up with some wowzers. We have complete faith in you.

Glad I shocked you. :)

Baraka said...

Done :)

I love that you two did each other and number #3 on each one is so funny!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for chiming in you two. Buttercup, you and I sound like we would have gotten along swimmingly, since Im asking for charmed and believe deep down someplace I am a gothic warlock :)

Whole Milk Bean???

Buttercup said...

Sparky Duck - I totally agree!

Anonymous said...

Done and done! This was a tough one! I think it was more interesting seeing what people thought was weird about me ;)