Thursday, May 24, 2007

LOST Season Finale


Opening: The opening was killer. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for Bernard, Jin, and Sayid to shoot the dynamite and blast the Others to smithereens. Finally, the Survivors are kicking some Other booty. Jin should not be allowed near the guns in the future.

Jack's "Flashback": The finale was awesome until the last few minutes which made me interested but thoroughly confused. For a minute, I was convinced that the entire "flashback" with Jack had not been a flashback at all but had instead been a scene from the future, after Kate and Jack get off the island. However, then I realized that Jack had referenced his father to the other doctor, saying something like, "If he's drunker than I am, you can fire me." So, the scenes with Jack and Kate can't be from the future but they also can't be from the past because - unless the writers of Lost want us to believe that Jack and Kate have been faking for three seasons - Jack and Kate did not know each other before the crash.

So what are we supposed to think about the scenes? Are they Jack's past, his future, or some parallel reality that may have or might occur because of something related to the island?

The Others: I was a little shocked to see them all come creeping into the Survivors' camp armed with guns ready, apparently, to kill anyone that they found (except for the women). The finale proved unequivocally that the Others are ruthless killers. Not only were they going to kill the Survivors, but Ben also ordered the death of two of his people just to keep his secrets. So much for the theories that the Others are a group of Scientists trying to save the world. I don't see how anyone intent upon saving the world could treat other human beings so brutally. Who is Jacob?

Ben: Jack did a decent job punching Ben in the face when he believed that Ben's order had resulted in the deaths of Bernard, Sayid, and Jin, but it didn't hold a candle to Nicki/Jessica taking down Skylar in the Season Finale of Heroes. That girl is a bad-ass.

Do you really think Ben believes there's something on the island or about the island that's worth protecting at the cost of no communication with the outside world? Or, is Ben just a crazy, deranged megalomaniac?

Sayid: I can't believe they almost killed Sayid! I for one did not believe it when we heard the shots through Ben's walkie-talkie. Sayid can not die. He's Sayid. He's indestructible and way too hot to die. After seeing him take down that Other with his legs while his hands were tied, I decided I would have to take Sayid over Sawyer. It's a big step since they were pretty much running neck and neck for most of the season, but I've made my decision. Sayid, I'm yours.

Locke: I'm a little annoyed with Locke and his obsession regarding the island. I can't believe he killed the parachuter! Did Ben leave him for dead in that ditch with all of the other dead bodies? And, why does it take a vision of Walt to convince John that he can in fact walk? I think Walt's appearance rekindles John's faith (so he can walk again), but his faith in what? Next season they better give us more than John's faith in the power of the island. I want more.

Juliet: I still don't like her or trust her. She was funny in this episode though. My favorite line was when Sawyer asked her why she was going back to the beach and she said "Karma" completely deadpan. She's feisty and smart. Now if only she wasn't so untrustworthy. I was surprised she kissed Jack, but he looked so goofy and happy for a second, it was almost worth it.
Kate and Jack: Jack loves Kate! He said he did, which I thought was a rather huge admission, and she didn't even look shocked. She's probably known it all along though. Kate looked amazingly hot in this episode.

Charlie and Desmond: Their part of tonight's episode was awesomely intense, and we learned more about the Others - mainly that Ben lies to many of them and they tend to be brainwashed followers. I thought it was a little too neat that the code to stop the blocking of radio transmissions was coded to musical notes, and that it was Charlie who was meant to go down there and use his musical knowledge to save the day. It was very cool when Penny popped up on the screen and I liked Charlie writing "Not Penny's Boat" on his hand for Desmond to see. However, I didn't want Charlie to die and I suspect he might actually be alive. We saw him crossing himself next to the smashed window, but we did not see him actually dead. There's a chance for him to beat death yet! If he is dead, I'm annoyed because he could have saved himself by trying to escape through that blasted out window.

The People on The Other End of the Transmission: I think Ben might actually be telling the truth about this, and that the people Jack spoke with might end up attempting to kill everyone on the island. They might do so if the island has magical powers and they want the island for themselves, which Ben suggested when he referred to them as the people who have been looking for the island.

Overall, the finale was thrilling, satisfying, and thoroughly enjoyable. I just wish I didn't have to wait until next season to find out what was going on with that Kate and Jack flashback/futureforward. Thank god I'll have Project Runway to tide me over!


Starshine said...

I was sad to see Charlie die. I saw an interview with the producers (or someone) after the show and they seemed to confirm it was indeed a death, and that they were sad to see the actor who plays Charlie leave the show. I am too, as he is incredibly talented.

Buttercup said...

Starshine, That's so disappointing. I didn't like the whole part of the story about Charlie having to die. I don't see why he would have to die so that the Surivors could be saved (are they comparing Charlie to Christ?). Plus, the Survivors aren't going to get off the island, so that makes Charlie's death completely pointless. Poor Claire!

Starshine said...

I know! I loved his relationship with Claire and the baby.

Sparky Duck said...

It is a flash forward not a flash back. I for one have never really believed that his father was dead dead. The island has healing powers and it might have fixed daddyo.