Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I Love About My Little Sister, Bean

1) Her Wisdom: Though I'm the older sister by 8 years, as the years go by and the space between our ages seems to shrink, more and more I realize that there are certain areas in which my little sister is light years beyond me, and I find myself turning to her, learning from her, and being continually impressed by the strong, confidant, self-possessed woman that she has become.

2) She's Supportive and Trustworthy: Not once when I have turned to my sister in need of comfort has she ever let me down. When I need her, she is always there for me, ready to analyze, listen, empathize, rant, laugh, comfort, or do whatever is called for in any given situation to make me feel better, no matter what.

3) Our Resemblance: She is a blond, blue-eyed version of me, and I'm a brunette, greenish-blue-eyed version of her. We have similar noses and smiles, and though we are as different as we are similar, I like the tangible, observable signs of our connection.

4) She Fits Into My Old Clothes: Though she is a size 2 and I'm a size 6, somehow she fits into almost all of my old clothes (except for my jeans). She makes it possible for me to completely clean out my closet and give away my clothes anxiety-free. My favorite old tops that are a little too small for me? That corduroy jacket that I love but just don't wear any more? I can give them to her and know that they are safe, in kind hands, and at a location where I could easily find them were I to decide that I want them back in the future.

5) She's a Pool Shark: I just discovered this fact this past New Year's when I watched in amazement as she first impressed by un-impressable brother so much so that he decided to play teams with her, and second how she and my brother ran the table for the entire night, defeating all of the unlucky souls who went up against them.

6) She Likes to Shop: This may be because I inevitably end up buying her a little something, but come on, she's my little sister after all; it would be hard not to spoil her just a little bit. One of my favorite times was when she and her husband were visiting me in New York and the two of us spent almost an entire day walking around the city just the two of us. We found a Fragrance Store and made personal scents for our selves, explored stores in Chinatown, the Village, and the East Village, tried on tons of clothes, and had an absolute blast being together.

7) She Sings In The Car: All of my siblings are like this, we like to blast music while we drive and - though the boys might not readily admit it - sing along to the songs we love. My last trip to Utah included lots of singing at the top of our lungs to Joss Stone's You Had Me, You Lost Me and a song about blue bonnets in Texas, while the mountains of Utah whizzed by outside.

8) She's a Girly-Girl: I didn't officially become a girly-girl until my second year in law school. That's the year I recognized that I loved flowers (on their own and as gifts from boys), skirts, and all things pink, and that I could do all that and still be a strong feminist woman. My sister always loved all thing girly, so when I finally came around, it was nice to have someone who shared my loves.

9) She's the easiest Person In the World To Buy a Present For: At any given moment, if put on the spot, I could name 1,000 things my sister would love to get as a present. The girl is so easy to shop for, it's ridiculous. All I have to do is find something I would love to get, and I know she would love it too. Clothes, jewelry, accessories, cute things for her house, DVDs, music, things for the bath, you name it, she loves it.

10) She's Social and Vivacious: My sister, like my youngest younger brother, can walk into any room and within a few moments know almost everyone there. I've watched her connect to, charm, and win over perfect strangers effortlessly. It's amazing. It's a talent that I don't possess, nor one which I strive to possess, but one which I greatly admire in her.

11) She Did This Blog With Me: When I told her I wanted to start a blog and that I thought it would be fun to do it together, she agreed on the spot to do it. Then, within hours, she figured out all the html codes that we needed to get us up and running, with just the right combination of shades of purple. She's the technical genius behind this blog.

12) She QUIT Smoking: After years of smoking, she recently decided to quit, and I am so proud of her!! I know it was a huge challenge, but she did it and it's awesome! Quitting smoking is a huge step forward in terms of taking care of herself, and ensuring that she will be around for a long time, and I couldn't be happier.

13) She Will Always Be My Little Sister: Even though she's all smart, wise, and grown-up now (most of the time), no matter how old she gets, she's still my little sister, and that's how it's always going to be.

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Gypsy said...

Awww, that's lovely. Lancelot and I love to sing in the car, too. I find that really attractive. It speaks to some kind of joy to me, being able belting out songs like that.

My list is up, too.

Raggedy said...

I am glad you dropped by my place. Your link from over at the TT would not work..
What a beautiful tribute to your sister! Very nice...
Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Nice list, wish that my sister could take my old clothes, for now I give them to friends, but you can not ask for them back.
nice blog. thank you for visiting. Lisa

Carmen said...

Makes me wish that my sister and I were closer. :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute to your sister!!!

Bean said...

Thanks Buttercup! I am glad that I make you proud and you love me so much as I love you so much and unconditionally. You know I wouldn't have become so wise without the whole fam, even when some of you guys would contridict eachother.

You make me just as proud and you're a great role model, even though you dont eat meat, and I live off of meat. I love you a bunch and I wish we could have latte's (your's of course soy and mine with whole milk) at a Starbucks and chill. (Of course you could take me out on a shopping spree or we could go chill and look at cool shops. I miss you!)

Lady Jane said...

What a lovely list about your sister! Very sweet! Perhaps I should do one about mine. :)

My list this week is here.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I hope I can be as good a sister =)

Rebecca said...

That's awesome to have a sister like that! :-)

Oh, and I'm here via Sparky Duck.