Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Inexplicable Something

I am dying today as a result of some crazy systemic bacterial infection that I appear to have picked up god knows where. It started on my hand, then my foot, and now the inside of my leg. Attractive, no?

It's alarming and slightly scary because I don't know what it is, but the most disturbing and incredibly irritating part of it is that it itches like nothing I have ever felt before. O. M. G. I have often thought that itchiness would be worse torture than pain - although that might just be because, thankfully, I seem to encounter itchiness more than intense pain. Be that as it may, I Can Not Stand Itchiness. It's terrible. I woke up every few hours last night wanting to claw my foot off.

Because my primary care physician can not crack the case, I'm off to see an infectious disease doctor. Is this not crazy? My primary care physician asked me yesterday if I had "been anywhere exotic," and the only place that came to mind was India almost a year ago. It's funny that people always assume inexplicable things are picked up abroad - and in many cases they are - but what about the subway? What about the millions of people clutching the same metal poles that I clutch, breathing into the same tight spaces that I'm smashed into, wiping their noses and coughing and no one washing their hands or covering their mouths?

Obviously, I've started carrying purel everywhere I go. It hasn't done anything for the thing I've got, but hopefully it will prevent me picking up anything else.

This is terrible! (I say, even though I know it could be worse, and - trust me universe - am very grateful that it's not).


Starshine said...

Yikes! I hope the itchies are banished real soon!

How is the apartment situation going, BTW? Are you in a new place? Can't wait to see before and after pics!

Anonymous said...


Willow said...

Hope they can figure out what it is! This has definitely been a germy year, everyone including myself has been sick with major colds this winter. I was out almost a week with a cold--that is sooo not like me! It was killer.

I have students who pick on me because I am costantly washing my hands. Picking on my OCD, which is definitely worse this winter!

Good luck! Try not to scratch your leg off:)

No Nonsense Girl said...

I'm soo sorry to read this. :(

Gentle hugs