Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring Cleaning Is Coming

Change is happening. I don't know if it has to do with the cosmos or some internal force. It feels though like I'm embarking upon some kind of Phase II in terms of life transformation, life transformation being perhaps too strong of a description. Life tweaking is probably more fitting. This time, it's not about purging my life of negativity or massively changing my daily existence, because I'm actually quite happy with how things are at the moment, and have been for some time.

It's more that I find myself - it feels like suddenly, although I'm sure this has been developing over time - with what feels like (though it's all relative) tons and tons of space in which to explore things and do things that I hadn't even considered before. I have space in terms of time, but I also have mental and emotional space, which is really cool.

All of this space in which to contemplate has lead me to a decision that might not appear all that significant, but which I am really excited about and think will have a rather profoundly positive impact on me.

I've decided that March is going to be a Month of Purging. It's perfect for a number of reasons. First, because my living situation is changing such that there will be a new beginning which will require and allow me to buy new furniture, paint, and explore the wide world of organizational containers and tricks - things for which I do not have a natural affinity. Second, because it will soon be Spring, and in preparation a large scale Spring Cleaning is just the thing to do. Third, I have boxes and piles of things, drawers full of products, thoughts in my head, and old patterns of behavior that I no longer need, and want to get rid off.

It's going to be a month of physical, spiritual and emotional purging, and I think I'm going to write a post each day describing one act of purging.

Anyone else up for a little Spring cleaning?


Starshine said...

Whoo! That sounds like a great March! I'll look forward to reading. :) Isn't it amazing what space for contemplation can yield?


jehara said...

that's awesome!! i feel like i have been in the midst of that myself these past two months. i look forward to seeing how it plays out. :)

Gypsy said...

We recently bought our house, and I suppose ownership has kicked us into gear in terms of getting the house together. We've recently been doing so much clearing out, and it's been wonderful. Good luck in March!