Thursday, November 01, 2007

You're Invited to the EXBF-WHO? Party!

There is so much to celebrate today. First, it's a Blood Day and I'm going to do something especially nice for myself in honor of the first day of my period. Second, I'm planning a party - an "Exbf Who?" Party for November 9th, the one-year anniversary of my break-up with Exbf.

I've invited a bunch of my girl friends in New York to celebrate with me. On the agenda are cocktails, cute outfits, and perhaps a healthy dose of Exbf bashing, just for fun. Or, maybe not. Maybe I'll be having so much fun, I'll be like "Exbf who??" That's the objective and I think it will be rather easy to achieve.

Fun, right? I am so incredibly fortunate to have a network of wonderful girl friends in the city. I'm also fortunate that I have so much support from my friends outside of New York. Wood, Pas, and Bubbles supported me through three years of nonsense with Exbf. And, I have all of you! Your kind words, humor, and presence helped me get through that difficult time when I was not only moving on from Exbf, but also trying to escape the evil empire (my former employer).

In thanks to all of you, and in order to fully commemorate this wonderful occasion, you're all invited to a the EXBF-WHO? Party, here on my blog, on November 9th! Drop by, leave a comment, and share your own story about an Exbf who wasn't worth his weight in salt. (Men, you can share stories about Exbfs who weren't worth their weight in salt too).

Love, Buttercup


Starshine said...


Having a good network of friends where you live is a true blessing. I'm still working on creating my network.

As for my outside of LA network, I have a fantastic network, of which you are a part.

Love you, friend,


InterstellarLass said...

Awww! Wish I could be there. Will try to think of my worst EXBF between now and then.

Miss S said...

ooh, yay, i finally have one. :D

Miss S

Buttercup said...

Starshine - Love you too!

Lass - Can't wait for your story. :)

Miss S - You finally have an ex or a bf?

Sparky Duck said...

what no exgfs?